Never forget

I haven’t forgotten, I just didn’t know what to write quite yet.  It’s a day that we can’t get out of our heads and even when 9/11 appears in one of it’s many forms, we think back to that day.

When asked where you were on 9/11/01, every one of you in the US can remember.  So many stories, so many feelings.  Each one of them valid, each one of them real.

Here is my story:  on 9/10 my brother had left with two of his friends to move to Seattle from Sioux Falls, SD.  My brother and I had lived there for years and it was hard to say good bye to him (especially after seeing the rattle trap van they bought for $500 for a cross country trek…but I digress).  That was before we had cell phones attached to us 24/7.  There really was no way to know where he was at any point unless he called.

The next day I had the day off from the pawn shop I worked at and had an interview scheduled with one of the local radio stations.  I got up, turned the TV on and, as I watched, I saw a plane hit a building.  My initial thought was “I wonder what movie this is for” only to realize a few seconds later that it wasn’t a movie, it was real life.  I was as stunned as the morning crew at Good Morning America, only they were on TV and I wasn’t.

I don’t think I’ve ever picked up a phone so quickly in my life.  I called my mom.  That’s who you want when everything is going wrong in the world and this was exactly that instance.  She and I sat on the phone for a while, watching another plane hit the second building and then the footage from the Pentagon.  We had no idea what was going on, no idea where my brother was and no idea if they would attack again.  It was a scary, scary feeling.

I got ready for my interview, went to the pawn shop and hung out with the guys there, they were the family I needed at that time.  At my interview, all of us had problems concentrating.  TVs were on everywhere and, honestly, who could think about a job at this time?  After my interview I went back to the pawn shop for a couple hours and then home.  Only there the only thing on TV was the terrorist attack and we kept reliving it.

The skies became silent as airports were shut down, we were told to stay away from malls and places where large groups congregate.  Fear was in the air.  Fear and anger.  How dare they?  Why did they?  Who are they?

Slowly we had answers but it wasn’t the comfort that people wanted to have.  It’s still not comforting as we are threatened every day, although it’s not spoken.

The only good thing, if something good can be taken from something like 9/11, was that it brought our country together.  Men and women, young and old, skin of every color, they all came together to comfort, to offer hope, to bring strength to each other and to our nation.  Something that has fallen by the wayside, something we’ve forgotten.

Let’s remember those who died heroically, those that died tragically and those that sacrificed that day and many days after.  Let’s never forget, always remember.