Letting go

I spent the 4th of the July weekend in beautiful Ouray, CO.  For those of your who have never been there, it’s been dubbed the “Switzerland of America” and they do Independence Day up right.  From the parade and jet flyover to water fights between fireman and ending the night with gorgeous fireworks, it was a good weekend.

Eating out proved to be a little bit of a challenge but some of that was my fault in not wanting to try overly hard to find a place that would accommodate my needs so I kinda lived off of potato chips.  Yup, the picture of health!

This morning I woke up at 6am, about two hours before anyone else was stirring.  It gave me time to think.  This last month has been a hard one for me and I can’t really put my finger on what is going on.  I want to blame things like meds being off or the heat or just too much going on, and that might have something to do with it, but…I’m not sure.

I know I’ve been harboring bitterness in my heart and the more it festers, the more frustrated I get with life in general.  It builds and then explodes.  Not a good scenario at all.  So this morning I decided to just let it go, let the frustration and bitterness go because it’s not doing any good.  Not for me or anyone else.

Also, last night a lot caught up with me.  My mom and dad are visiting family in North Dakota and part of me wanted to be at the family picnic last night so badly.  I have relatives that have had health issues and you just never know when the last time might be.  I took a little walk, cried a bit, and went back to the festivities.  I love my family dearly and, as I age, I realize how precious that time is.  Time to not be wasted on bitterness or frustrated or regrets or anything like that.  You gotta just savor the moments, make memories and laugh a lot.

I saw this today and it is true.  I needed this weekend, even though there were rough patches, to clear my head and move past things: