Gypsy at Heart

When I was a kid, we moved a lot.  My dad worked for Farmer’s Coops and we would be in one rural community for a while, then we’d move on to another community, all as a part of dad working to help build the coops so they weren’t losing money any longer.  I HATED it.  I was a “set your roots in deep” kind of kid and also didn’t make friends easily (I was painfully shy) so moving was tough on this kiddo.  My brother, on the other hand LOVED moving and meeting new people.  I remember, my freshman year of high school, I had it all:  I played alto/tenor sax in the jazz band, was third sax chair in band, was in choir, in FHA and had just joined the newspaper crew.  Good grades, good friends and then mom and dad hit me with a bombshell:  we were moving.  Not only were we moving from the South Dakota town I had pretty much grown up in and had spent six and a half years of my life in but we were moving to my dad’s hometown.

I was DEVESTATED but I didn’t tell my parents that until a few years ago.  I mean, I was a kid and you moved where your parents went.  I ended up dropping out of band and choir my senior year of high school due to the fact that it wasn’t challenging to me.  I continued to have good grades but…I really missed that South Dakota school and the friends/lifestyle that it meant to me.

Move ahead a few years (ok, a LOT of years) and since high school I have moved multiple times.  I have found that I like to stay in a community for a little bit, get my feet wet and then move on.  I get the jitters, the fever and my gypsy spirit comes out.  I want to move, to have a new adventure and meet new people.  Obviously, I am no longer a painfully shy person, I guess working in sales will cure you of that.

What brought this thought on?  I took a quiz on Facebook.  One of those deep, meaningful “do you like your coffee black or in a cappucino form” type quizzes and it told me that I belonged in Paris.  Ah, Paris, the city of love, art and french bread carried in the armpits.  I do want to go to Paris but I’d also like to go to Austria, Germany, London and many other places in Europe but this Facebook revelation made me realize how much I miss moving.  Living in Grand Junction, CO at almost nine years is the longest I’ve EVER lived anywhere and some part of me misses that gypsy ability to pick up and move.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this community and am very involved in it but a piece of me wishes I could just pick up tomorrow, move to another location and explore for a few years before repeating the pattern.  The one thing I know is that there is a plan for my long stay in Grand Junction, along with the fact that I love living near my parents, so I will stay until it’s time to go.

So, that is my thought for this morning, as rambling as it might be.  Thank you for “listening”!