Review: Feel Good Foods

I’ve been waiting for Feel Good Foods to release their line in Grand Junction for a while.  Last fall they brought their dumplings to town and then, more recently, I saw their freezer meals in stores as well.  While it’s the egg rolls I really want to try, I decided to jump in for a Chinese dinner.

I chose the vegetarian dumplings and General Tso’s Chicken. 

The dumplings came with a sauce which I chose not to use since I wasn’t going to eat all of them.  The directions seemed simple:  a cup of water in a saucepan and one tablespoon oil, add dumplings, cook until the bottoms brown.  The bottoms browned but the dumplings kind of broke open.  The flavor was good, a bit of a sweetness to them, and next time I will try the sauce as well.

The General Tso’s Chicken was easily popped into the microwave and was ready in less than five minutes.  The flavor was really good with broccoli and rice with the chicken.  Usually General Tso’s is spicy but this had just a tinge of spice so if you usually stay away from this dish, this is your opportunity to try it!  

I like the General Tso’s because it’s an easy meal for work or after a long day.  I will be trying other meals and the dumplings again.  But, Feel Good Foods, can we please get egg rolls?  


Gluten Free…FOREVER!

I was at a local restaurant with a friend of mine.  It’s actually a good restaurant chain, Red Robin, and has great gluten free buns along with high standards for keeping me (and others) safe when dining there.

It was actually an accident that Craig chose this restaurant for lunch and when I asked for an allergen menu he stated “not a great place to choose to eat.”  I reassured him that it was a great choice and that they had gluten free buns and that they were good.  The part of the experience that settled in my brain was the server’s words when she saw the allergen menu:  “We have a wheat allergy today?”  Craig was quick with a response and said “WE have a wheat allergy everyday.”  The server saw his point and scooted away.

I find that this statement bothered me in a few ways. First, who was the “we” she was talking about? Did she have a mouse in her pocket?

Second, a wheat allergy/gluten intolerance/Celiac disease is an everyday thing for me. It’s not a “today I will eat GF, tomorrow I’m having bread!” kinda thing. I live with this 24-7.

It bothers me that people sometimes take it lightly, that it’s a flippant thing. This is an important, life altering lifestyle. Something that I have to think about every time I grocery stop because items like salad dressing and spices can have wheat. It’s something that I have to think about when my friends want to go out to eat. It’s an everyday, all day, rest of my life DISEASE.

So, I’m not gluten free just yesterday or today. I am gluten free…forever.