Social Distortion

I love the band Social Distortion.  There is always a song for each happening in life and, although this may seem like it will be a band tribute, it isn’t. I’ve had some experiences in the past few weeks that … Continue reading

Only the lonely

Sometimes we all feel lonely. Having a disease/intolerance/allergy will do that to you. I mean, people have bouts of loneliness as it as but having a condition can make that worse.

Let me preface this by saying that my friends are family are amazing!

But sometimes you feel deep down alone. Everyone else is talking Ho-Hos and Nutter Butters and you are thinking “can I make that gluten free?” Because not being able to grab those items makes you different. You can’t just go through the drive through because they have nothing you can eat. You can’t just go to a restaurant without calling ahead and you always have a bunch of food along with you “just in case”.

Let’s face it, being different is ok but constantly saying “I can’t have that” or “I can’t eat that” gets old.

It leaves you feeling lonely. So lonely.

What do you do about it? I love the fact that my friends and family watch out for me but how do you feel with that feeling of being different?