Fighting the good fight

A lot of what I do is education:  education on eating gluten free, education on what Celiac disease is and education on why it’s important for me to remain gluten free.  There have been many people lately that have taken stabs at those eating gluten free (one of my earlier blogs speaks to the ignorant Joy Behar) and the most recent is NBC.

As a news agency, along with an entertainment portion, they have done stories on eating gluten free, on Celiac disease and why the sudden boom in the gluten free food industry.  They have done studies on why the importance and, as someone who once worked for the local NBC affiliate, I was embarrassed and saddened when this Super Bowl ad made an appearance online.

Luckily, a fellow blogger by the name GlutenFreeDude took matters into his own hands and started circulating a petition that would remove this ad from TV.  Kudos to him for doing this as it caused a ruckus and the ad was edited.

For all the education I try to do in my community, it’s things like this that seem to be a set back…or is it?  Maybe, in some weird way it’s actually bringing the topic, the reality, to light and gives me a platform to be able to talk to people about WHY it’s important to be gluten free.  Why it’s not a funny topic, just like other medical condition aren’t.  You wouldn’t joke about cancer so why joke about this?  Celiac disease can be deadly, ask my dad who nearly died before being diagnosed.

As frustrated as I was when I first saw the ad, and as frustrated as I was today reading how those who reacted to the ad were “pansies” among other verbiage, I see an opportunity to give reality to what some people think is “all in my head”.

So I will continue with what I feel has been given to me, a torch to carry.  And I will continue helping people through struggles…this is how I feel, this is only the beginning, just one battle.