My name is Angela Wetzel and I am Miss Silly Yak.  The name came about because I have Celiac Disease and Celiac sounds a lot like Silly Yak.  Thus, this is the name that was lovingly bestowed upon me by my friends.

I was diagnosed in September of 2009 with Celiac Disease, just a few months after my dad was diagnosed.  We almost lost him to this disease and that is why I want to speak out.  I am using this blog as a platform to educate people on what gluten free living is, why it’s important and what it takes to be gluten free.  I also want to share my experiences from the perspective of a 30 something that lives and works in the real world.  This includes places I’ve eaten, how my friends and family react to me being gluten free as well as recipes that I’ve found that are amazing!

Other than writing this blog, I work as an account planner for the ad sales division of a national cable company.  I also own a photography company, Essence Photography, and capture memories for people that they can have for years to come and am a consultant with Arbonne.  In 2012 I co-founded Gluten Free Grand Valley, a group that brings support to those living a gluten free lifestyle and aims to educate the public on what gluten free living is.  I love movies, going out with friends and laughing…laughter is so good for the soul.  I am also a huge Chicago Bears fan as well as a Chicago Cubs fan, please don’t hold it against me!

I hope you will follow this blog, leave some comments stick with me through this journey!

Photo Courtesy of Steve Mamich, Photocraft Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy of Steve Mamich, Photocraft Las Vegas

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