It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

I LOVE football and love the Super Bowl…although it has a tinge of sadness as well with the football season being officially over.

Why do we love Super Bowl?  It’s a grand finale of a season, you get together with friends and there’s TONS of food.  Which is awesome because I love food and used to love these gatherings but…

I know I’ve talked about social food anxiety and Super Bowl parties are a great example of why.  You are at a party with amazing food and you have no idea what’s in it and if it is gluten free (yay!) someone stuck their gluten filled cracker into it…not gluten free anymore.  So you end up eating carrots because you KNOW you can have those.

And that’s not the worst part, I can deal with there not being anything for me to eat, I “pre game” a lot and no one should have to create their party around ME.  It’s my responsibility to figure it out for myself.

But the worst part is the looks you get from people, the “there’s food in the kitchen” and politely saying “thank you” without telling people your total story and, making them feel bad.  When you do tell people, because the look is sometimes a sad one that you aren’t partaking, you get a look of “I’m so sorry” or them scrambling to create something special for you.

Both make me feel like a heel, like an outcast and I know people don’t intend that but it’s what happens.  I also know that this is something I continue to try to not let bother me, because it’s my life and will be the way it is the rest of my life.

That being said, get a ton of food, eat everything in sight and go 49ers!