These last few weeks

It’s been a crazy week and few days and I’m sorry I haven’t written.  I have some blog posts ready to go but these last few weeks have been something else…

I love cats and most recently (April 2016) adopted a sweet, black cat who I named Wrigley.  As a Cubs fan, that seemed appropriate.

Wrigley had health problems from the vet go.  First, it was dental issues that led to him having his teeth removed, all but his “vampire fangs”.  Because of the dental disease, and how it had been neglected previous to my adoption, he ended up with kidney issues.  This meant special food, meds and vitamins.  But he was a healthy cat otherwise.

He was a smart cat.  I taught him to sit on command, he would come when I call, we would play hide and seek and he LOVED a birdie toy that tweeted everytime he attacked. He was a cuddler too.  Every evening he would curl up on my lap, every Saturday and Sunday he would jump into my bed and cuddle.

And then he swallowed a toy, or I suspected.  One of them was missing but he also loved to hide his toys so I wasn’t 100% sure.  There was a emergency vet visit and the x rays showed there could be something but nothing conclusive.  We put him on antibiotics and I took him home.

Last Friday Wrigley finally threw the toy up and I was pretty happy but he became lethargic instead of more energy.  I took him to my regular vet and, again, the x rays were inconclusive.  Saturday morning to the ER vet because he hadn’t eaten.  Then again Saturday night.

Long story short, we ended up doing surgery, pulled another foreign body out of his duodenum.  And I thought “yay!  He’s going to be fine.”  Everyone said it looked good but Tuesday, at my vet, Wrigley threw up, not a good sign since he hadn’t eaten.  So I made the choice to bring my sweet, beautiful boy home.

Wrigley sat on my lap all night and Wednesday morning, after I got up and held him one last time, he passed away.

It’s hard coming home to an empty house after having life in it, after knowing I was coming home to unconditional love.  Mornings and evenings are the hardest since that was “our” time to play, cuddle and was our feeding ritual.

I think the hardest part is that I only got to be his cat momma for a little over a year.  I miss his sweet little souls so much, I have so much heartbreak right now.

So do me a favor: hug your fur babies tight. Play ball, throw the play mice, feed them a couple extra treats.  Their unconditional love is unmatched.

Wrigley, buddy, I miss you but know you are over the rainbow bridge…love you forever.

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