Social Distortion

I love the band Social Distortion.  There is always a song for each happening in life and, although this may seem like it will be a band tribute, it isn’t.

I’ve had some experiences in the past few weeks that prompted me to think about a social distortion.  Being gluten free causes a distortion in social settings, some uncomfortable…honestly, most are uncomfortable.

The reason I bring this up is that I love eating out with friends and family.  I love having those social events and those people, my close group, get my need for gluten free.  They protect me, make sure the servers understand what I need, and make sure that things are safe for me.  I appreciate that so much and that’s why I eat with them.

But a few weeks ago I went out with my co workers a couple of times.  I hate the fact that I’m the “special needs” eater and HATE when people point it out.  “You’re the one with the special diet, you choose”, “you are the needy one”, etc.  Somedays I just want to shut up, deal with the places they choose and if I can’t eat there, I can’t.  Just watch them eat and shut up.

I got the comment, at one of these lunches, on dating.  “Boy, you must be fun on a date.”  It kind of stopped the group cold when I said “that’s one of the reasons I don’t date.”  And it is.  I mean, how do you meet someone and then say “but I can’t eat out at a lot of places because I have a need for special foods.”  I mean, there are people that would understand it but it does make it more difficult.  If one of these gentlemen have a food allergy of any kind, they will understand but…

They say that part of having Celiac Disease is the social outcast part of the disease.  I hadn’t really run into that until recently and I’m not sure why.  Maybe because, for the most part, I go out to eat and am in social interactions with people that GET it.  I try to surround myself with those people but I know that sometimes you just can’t get away from those that just don’t understand…or don’t want to.

This quote is so true, no matter where you are in your journey:


So I want to thank those that are supportive of me.  It makes me so grateful for you.

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