I’ll be Home for Christmas

A couple of weeks ago our pastor told the story behind the song “I’ll be Home for Christmas”.  It was written during wartime and the writer couldn’t get a record label to record the song.  One day while golfing with Bing Crosby, the writer told Mr. Crosby about the song and sang it for him.  Bing loved the song and immediately recorded it.  Of course it became an instant success as it spoke from the soldier’s point of view, wanting to be home for the holidays.

I can relate to that to a point.  I remember being in South Dakota and making plans to visit mom and dad in Colorado.  I remember the excitement building to be “home” for Christmas.  I use quotes as it wasn’t my childhood home but as I got older I realized that home was where my family was.  I also remember the Christmases when I couldn’t make it to my parents’ house and the families that took me in.  My heart’s desire was to be with mom and dad but sometimes life doesn’t allow those things.

I moved to Colorado in 2005 and have been blessed to be with mom and dad for every Christmas since.  I love being close to them, being able to spend these holidays with them because, as I get older, I realize how special these times are and realize that life is too short.  To cherish each holiday.  I hope that someday my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew can spend the holidays with us as well.

As I sit in front of my Christmas tree, I realize how blessed I am.  I have my parents close and get to see them often.  I have a great home that already has amazing memories in the short amount of time I’ve lived here.  I have a furbaby that loves me unconditionally.  I have friends who are amazing and love me for who I am.  I have a job that I love.  I am so blessed…

I hope that you have a blessed Christmas as well and that you enjoy every moment of it.


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