Travel: Billings, MT

With my work, I travel from time to time and get to try new places which I love!

This time my trip was different.  The first day of my trip was my first day in my sales position and I was excited to get hopping on the all the things that mean sales.  But training would come first and I was really excited to meet other sales reps in our region and learn.

But learning would wait as I landed the day before training.  I got to the hotel, unpacked and


Wrap from Mary’s Sunny Day Cafe

started looking for a place to eat lunch.  Mary’s Sunny Day Cafe seemed to be one of  the only places that was open for lunch.  Located inside of Mary’s Health Foods, it was a cute little sandwich place.  I chose the turkey wrap and grabbed a slice of banana chocolate chip bread as well.  It was amazing.  A great spot for a quick, healthy lunch.

By dinnertime I’d had some bad news about my cat, Wrigley.  His test results for his kidneys showed that there is damage plus his white blood count was up.  No idea why there is an infection but being so far away from my fur baby when he is sick was hard.


Burger and Fries from The Fieldhouse

Thank goodness for my parents taking care of him!  Because I was feeling sad, I wanted somewhere that had comfort food.  I choose The Fieldhouse.  After getting a taxi and the debacle that went along with that (my taxi driver was amazing, it was other stuff that went wrong!), I finally got to the Fieldhouse.  I had an amazing hamburger and fries along with a great Moscato.  The staff was friendly and helpful and I loved the restaurant because everything was made from scratch and was organic, or as much as possible.  Even the ketchup was homemade!

After training the next evening, we had a group dinner at the Rib and Chop Shop which was next to the hotel we stayed at.  The food was amazing and the staff was knowledgeable.  I had a steak and a baked potato as well as their special drink, Blackberry Smash:  blackberries muddled into moonshine.  It was great!  

Now the hotel, the Big Horn Resort, was a different story.  The first day they didn’t have a gluten free meal even though it was requested.  The next day it was stressed how important it was and I got a salad that was brown and wilty.  I did contact the hotel, they have since apologized.

All in all my experiences in Billings were good and it was a fun place to visit!