Will it be Gluten Free?

I had a housewarming party last night and provided almost all of the food.  I enjoy entertaining and that way I KNOW the food is safe for me if I do that.

One of my guest’s husbands asked her if everything would be gluten free and she said that it would be.  The funny part is that I don’t think anyone noticed.  I mean, even down to the cookies that my mom brought were gluten free.  And people ate…and ate…and no one said “this tastes horrible”.

I think that gluten free gets a bad rap because it USED to taste horrible.  I remember the first bread that my parents bought, I would have rather eaten cardboard.  It’s gotten better, WAY better.

So yes, when you come to my house it’s all gluten free.  It’s the only way to keep me safe.

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