Tale of the Blood Moon

I’m going to blame this week on the blood moon.  It was a crazy, weird week and not just for me.  Our office had weird things happen (to individuals), I’ve talked to several other people who said things were just “off” and people just seemed off kilter.

First, I will say that the eclipse and the blood moon were beautiful.  It was awesome to watch the moon slowly “disappear” under the shadow of the earth, for it to change color and then to reappear.  It won’t happen again for a while so I was excited to witness it.

Along with a full moon come weird happenings.  Anyone who has worked in a hospital or nursing home or anyone in law enforcement will tell you that full moon DOES affect people.  I don’t know why but do know that I used to hate working at the nursing home on a full moon, residents get kinda wonky!

And that’s how this week went:  two friends with cancer, car started doing weird things, my fridge sprung a leak and I was just in a little bit of a funk.  That’s why I haven’t written.  What do you write when nothing is positive and uplifting?  What do you write when someone who is your age suddenly is sick and you can’t do anything for them?

One of my friends who was diagnosed with cancer is just a few months older than me.  When I was told about it, I sat and cried for two hours.  Cried for her, cried because I felt helpless and cried because the scary truth came super close to home:  cancer doesn’t discriminate.  Cancer doesn’t care if you are a good person.  Cancer doesn’t care if you have a family.  Cancer is a mean, mean, mean disease.

Then I started thinking about Celiac Disease.  I’ve read studies that show an increase in colon cancer in Celiac’s that have not been diagnosed early on or those that have been diagnosed and haven’t been gluten free.  It’s one of the many reasons why I try to be as gluten free as humanly possible, I want to eliminate that possibility as much as I can.  Could it still happen?  Yes.

So this isn’t the happiest of posts but it’s a real look into my brain this week and into my emotions.

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