As time goes by…

Nine years ago a wide eyed North Dakota girl arrived in Fruita, CO, ready to start a new life.  (Imagine cheers and the clinking of wine glasses)  I grew up in the midwest and, besides a short three month stint in Michigan and one year of school in Minnesota, I hadn’t left North or South Dakota.  When I lost my job in South Dakota, and after a few months, I called my parents up and asked if they would like a houseguest.  Dad came out and moved me to CO and today is my anniversary of arriving in CO.

I’ve never lived anywhere nearly a decade and it’s surprising how quickly it’s gone.  I’ve been reflecting a lot this week.  I’m no longer a shy, scared, “don’t take chances” person.  I’ve started a few businesses, started a gluten free support group, worked in media, sales and insurance, have become active in Lions Club, and have met a ton of great people.  People that have stuck by me through good times and bad.    I’ve become an outdoors person, even doing 5K races and obstacle course races.  I have become very outspoken about Celiac Disease and what it means to me and to others.  I almost forget who that other person is.

Through it all I’ve become a stronger person.  I know what I stand for and when to be outspoken about it.  I know who I can count on and who I can’t.  I know that when the rubber meets the road what my strengths are and how to use them and who will be by my side.

And I know I love where I’m at:  physically, spiritually, mentally.  I’m ready for another year and more adventures.

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